What's in for Franchise?

  • Franchisee will not be obligated to pay any deposit or investment to register with us.
  • To register simply email us to show your interest and we will send the registration form which you need to send it back to us duly filled with your company’s stamp & signature.
  • Once you are registered, all franchisees will be connected with us and we will send them the enquiries via registered email address to get rates for any kind of products from different suppliers and manufactures in your region.
  • You can also email us with your enquiries and we help u get the best rates from our registered franchisees across the globe
  • While doing business this program will make the shipment of goods easier from one region to another using our franchisee and we will help minimize cost of shipment in many ways.
  • This program will give earning potential for all registered franchises by either procuring or selling the product across the globe

Duties and Benefits

  • All appointed Franchise will be working under one roof only under the Control and Supervision of our Company’s Head Office.
  • Global Franchise shall collect materials from his own country manufacturer and also when instructed by the Head Office.
  • Upon the instruction from Head Office, Shall act at the earliest and arrange the fastest and economical delivery mode.
  • Global Franchise must own a local transport facility for material collection and delivery to local forwarders immediately.
  • The Franchise will procure materials or other service items from the local manufacturer at his own cost after that add margin + service charge + travelling expenses and forwarding charges and then the end of transaction. Franchise will then receive the payment from Head Office with good benefits.
  • This program will be most beneficial for NRI Franchises and their families in India to send Medicine, Gifts, Cloths, Commodities, Money etc through our Franchises or we can help them procure their requirement through our local Franchises by contacting our Head office.
  • Our Franchise will enjoy some additional benefits after joining our Global Franchise Program. We organise Trade exhibition, Tour Program, Global Branch Program, We provide All India Tour Programme about Business, Cultural, Sports and Govt Activities especially to people from outside India.
  • Our Franchise from these countries USA, Europe, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan will participate Joint venture Programme with our state and central Govt Tenders. And we arrange Consortium agreement with our Indian Franchise to participate Govt Tenders as well as Consortium with Joint venture to Indian Companies.
  • Global Franchise Program gives you an opportunity to participate in Trade Exhibitions every month in Dubai, China, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Also in Indian Metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad. Foreign Franchise can display their product catalogue, Brochures during these events to attract Indian buyers.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will qualify Franchise based on experience in online trade with minimum 1 year.
  • Our Franchise should have their own Registration Certificate issued by their Country in Trade Activities.
  • Our Franchise should have an active Business Bank Account, Import Export License, Country of Original Citizen Certificate etc.
  • Since we are looking for Franchise globally and also from India, would require them producing necessary Residing country documents.
  • All order will be booked under the name of Bharat Industrial Supplier or any other company belonging to Bharat Group of Companies. We will instruct you well in advance if we require you to bill under your company name.
  • We provide competitive Profit, Margin, Incentives, and Commission to all our Franchise. If you are a Service Provider depending on the Product & Services before we place an order we come up with a mutual agreement.
  • Franchise will be solely responsible for the Genuine Product, Quality Assurance, Warranty, and Guarantee of his own country product. Franchise will also be responsible for defective supply, damage condition etc.
  • We will also be appointing Franchise who will be the service provider to us and to our Global Franchises for various needs like Tours & Travels, Cabs, Tour Guide etc. For such Franchises we have separate category of Service Charges on service render basis. Franchise will be instructed by the Head Office to avail such services if they belong to the same Region/Country. They will be informed separately via Whatsapp, Skype, Email etc.
Registration Form
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